I ordered a frame from SmartBuyGlasses 6 months ago. They told me it was back-ordered and I would receive it in a few weeks. Well, I periodically checked in with them...and no frame. Finally, after about 4 months, they told me they couldn't get the frame because it was discontinued. That's all well and good...if the company actually would follow up with their promise to refund my money!

I told them in early December that they didn't fulfill my order and I would like my money back. They told me "within 5 business days" I would see the refund reflected in the balance of my checking account. Well..as you may have surmised by the title of my complaint...the company didn't refund my money.

So...this past Saturday I wrote them an e-mail saying that they had promised me a refund essentially a month previously. They responded with an e-mail saying that they had refunded the money and that they would send me a receipt of the deposit of those funds in my account. Great! Any company can create a (phony) refund receipt. The 'slight' problem is then following up with the actual refund. Well...I haven't seen the refund receipt, nor have I seen the refund they promised me over a month ago. I was patient with them for 6 months. 6 MONTHS!!! And now I'm the bad guy because I was patient and now simply want my money back???

I told them that I would be leaving reviews of their company in every possible forum, which I am committed to doing. So be warned, SmartBuyGlasses...I won't stop leaving these reviews until my refund is safely in my account. And like I said, a letter from my lawyer is on its way.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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